Alexander Risøy is a dynamic and accomplished Lead Discussant with a robust background in technology
and management. With extensive experience in leading innovative software companies and contributing as a board member to influential organizations, Alexander excels in delivering engaging and insightful presentations on the transformative potential of technology in empowering individuals and driving business growth. He possesses a unique blend of storytelling expertise and a profound understanding of the future of technology, enabling him to translate complex information into entertaining and accessible insights that prepare audiences for the challenges and opportunities on the horizon.
Alexander’s expertise spans a wide range of topics, including:

  • Industry 4.0, Automation and Robotics
  • Subsea Industry Developments
  • Sustainability and Green Initiatives
  • Board Governance and Strategic Leadership
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The Future of Work
  • Disruptive Forces Shaping Every Industry

    In his presentations, Alexander identifies the challenges and opportunities for organizations across
    sectors to innovate in our rapidly changing world, where norms and paradigms are constantly shifting. His dynamic presentation style not only helps audiences understand these shifts but also inspires them to implement the changes needed to drive their businesses and brands forward in a fast-changin landscape.
    Alexander Risøy is a Bachelor of Computer Science and Management, obtained at the University of
    Glasgow, Scotland. His professional engagement is with companies working with cutting-edge
    Managing Director, Init Group – Norway August 2023 – Present
    Init Group is a conglomerate of 11 software companies specializing in sustainable automation solutions for manufacturing companies across Scandinavia and globally. The group comprises approximately 540 highly qualified employees across multiple international locations.
  • Spearheads the strategic direction and overall management of Init Group, focusing on
    innovation and sustainability in automation solutions.
  • Cultivates collaboration and synergy among member companies to deliver cohesive, industryspecific
    automation solutions.
  • Drives business growth and expansion into new markets while nurturing long-term customer
    Managing Director, Nebb Group – Norway September 2015 – Present
    Nebb Group is a leading provider of automation and industrial IT services in industries such as process, pharma, marine, energy, and subsea. Nebb specializes in Industry 4.0, bridging the gap between Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT).
  • Leads Nebb Group in achieving excellence at the intersection of OT and IT, driving digitalization
    from an OT perspective.
  • Leverages a diverse talent pool to address a wide range of technological challenges and deliver
    tailored solutions for demanding clients.
  • Maintains a strong customer-centric approach, resulting in the successful delivery of high-impact
    Board Member, Energy Valley June 2020 – Present
    Energy Valley is a prominent cluster of energy and subsea technology companies in the capital region of Norway. It fosters a broad competence base within energy and subsea technology, supporting the global energy market.
    • Contributes to Energy Valley’s strategic vision and development as a board member.
    • Plays a key role in the cluster’s transition from Subsea Valley to Energy Valley, aligning with its new cluster strategy.
    • Supports the cluster’s mission as a National Centre of Expertise for Energy Technology.
    Board Member, Learnlab December 2022 – Present
    Learnlab offers a comprehensive ecosystem of educational technology for schools and universities, promoting engaging learning experiences and knowledge acquisition.
    • Provides strategic insights and guidance to Learnlab, shaping its educational technology ecosystem.
    • Advocates for the creation and dissemination of engaging learning experiences that enhance understanding and knowledge acquisition.
    • Supports Learnlab’s mission of advancing education technology in schools and universities.
    Event Speaking Engagements:
    • Delivered captivating keynote presentations at industry conferences and events on topics related to automation, Industry 4.0, and education technology.
    • Recognized for the ability to engage and inspire audiences with insightful and thought-provoking content.
    • Regularly invited to share expertise and vision in various international forums.
    Latest Speaker Event:
    • AVEVA Select KnowledgeXchange 2023, Malmö – Sweden